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Wellness resources for nourishment and healing of your body, mind, and spirit

Glowtime HQ is in Frederick, Maryland USA  ❤︎  You can also find us at Tonic Herb Shop in Shepherdstown, WV 
❤︎  Available worldwide in the virtual innerverse ❤︎


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Glowtime Nourishment Sessions

Glowtime Nourishment Sessions with Miss Joi are powerful educational and healing experiences that improve your connection with your body, your food, your spirit, and your personal healing power.

By discovering and strengthening these connections, you gain the knowledge, tools, and motivation you need to achieve your goals for wellness and expansion.

Each Nourishment Session includes:

❤︎ In-depth discussion of your health status, body energetic, and food and energy consumption

❤︎ Custom herbal formula to introduce you to your healing plant medicine allies

❤︎ Creation of realistic wellness goals that fit your current needs

❤︎ Seasonal recipes and cooking tips for your lifestyle

❤︎ Personal gemstone crystal

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings:

❤︎ Tap in to your higher self and the cosmic collective with tarot and oracle card readings

❤︎ Readings average 30 minutes in length, and may be longer depending on the messages received.

Nourishment Session Fees:

60 Minute session: $125

90 Minute session with Tarot and Oracle card readings: $165

30 Minute Tarot & Oracle card reading only: $40

All Nourishment Sessions include discussion of your wellness goals and any health challenges you wish to address, and a healthy dose glorious Glowtime love.

Most importantly, Nourishment Sessions provide a safe, judgement-free space for you to receive the support and guidance you need to help you thrive in your uniqueness.


​Nourishment Session - 60 Minute Consult

Session fee: $125


​Nourishment Session - 90 Minute Consult with Tarot & Oracle card reading

Session fee: $165


Tarot Session - Tarot card spread and Oracle card reading, average time 30 minutes

Session fee: $40