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Discover your unique body alchemy during a Glowtime session and take a deep dive into what fuels your body, strengthens your mind and nourishes your spirit.

 Glowtime Sessions  

A deep dive into what fuels your body, strengthen and expands your mind, and nourishes your spirit

Enjoy a unique session designed all around you, to nourish and balance body systems, gain inner strength, and activate your physical and energetic body. Learn to feed your inner spark to grow your glow.

Nourish & Balance

Strengthen & Activate

Join me for a fun and enriching session where the focus is your nourishment. Together we explore and optimize your diet, discover your plant allies, and recharge your energy centers to grow your glow from the inside out.

Finding Your Fuel:

Nutrition 2020

Personal guidance for optimal nourishment of your body and strengthening of your energetic body centers

Empower & Tonify

CBD & Cannabis Class

Learn how CBD & Cannabis can support you. Professional strength CBD oil

included with consultation.

Educate & Expand

CBD & Powertool Shop

Personal powertools for your activation & expansion

CBD, Herbal tinctures & more!

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