Looking for a safe space to discover your keys to health and healing? You found it!


Join me for Fueling Session to take a deep dive into your current state of wellness and explore any imbalances that are showing up in your life.

Using tools from the energetic realms of new paradigm nutrition, herbal medicine, and kitchen alchemy I help you learn your personal body "blueprint" and what food and herbs are the best fit for your body at this time.

Additionally, I use the ancient practices of astrology, numerology, ennealogy and tarot to bring you closer to your body wisdom. 


Together we create wellness solutions that work for your body, your family budget, and your lifestyle.


Stop trying all the latest diet trends repeating patterns that don't work for you. Contact Joi today to schedule your session and learn how to fuel yourself from the heart. Family sessions available!

Seasonal Fueling Sessions cost $220 and include your live 90 minute session and a 15 minute  recorded tarot session. 

I look forward to our time together. Please reach out to schedule.


Be well❤︎