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During our Session, I'll give you a fresh perspective on how your body works, and tell you what foods and herbs are best for your unique metabolic needs. Family sessions are tailored to your need for support with special diets, eating behavior, and menu planning. 


My wellness plans integrate whole foods with good quality fats and protein, as well as foods that are low allergy and rich in phytonutrients. I emphasize stress-free cooking with fewer ingredients, quality herbal supplements, and simple lifestyle changes. I specialize in gluten-free/nut-free cooking, and offer recipes that are simple and family-friendly.

Most importantly, I draw on my deep relationship with the plants and the healing energies of the natural world. These are our most powerful tools in healing and health.


Wellness Sessions are 90 minutes.  A follow-up session is recommended in 4-6 weeks if you are using herbal supplements for the first time. Family sessions available.

Initial Session Fee (90 min): $175

Follow-up Fee (60 min): $75


Please reach out to schedule.


Be well❤︎

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